The Power of Tofurky

So it has been another snow bound week here in the Indy area. On Tuesday night there was a huge snow storm that left about a foot of snow…needless to say, the little Scion was having none of that and stayed put for two days. However, I was quite lucky in not having to work at the Bucks those days and was able to enjoy plenty of vegan cupcake food porn. What is it that makes one so delighted by the sight of little delicate pastries and treats that one could just stare and awe for hours. All I know is that there have been plenty of wasted hours looking at The Urban Housewife’s Blog, The Bleeding Heart Bakery in Chicago’s website, and of course Bake and Destroy also in Chicago.

Being inspired to make some wonderful little treats of my own I embarked on creating some vegan pizzas. Whole wheat dough with baby button mushrooms, black olives, rosemary, vegan mozzarella cheese and some amazingly delicious apple sausage Tofurky links. Brandon and I were both quite pleased with how they turned out.

Another way that the time has been passed is by discovering all of the wonderful options of little goodies that Boston has to offer. We are going to Boston in about two weeks and I am UBER excited! I have been once before, last fall, and realized that it is one of the most amazing cities here in the States. I love history, and this little city has a ton to offer. What can be cooler than walking down the street where Paul Revere hung out and lived? Maybe eating some cupcakes while strolling along would help…

The Bleeding Heart Bakery

Bake and Destroy

The Urban Housewife


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