Cupcake Heaven

What better word is there that can bring a smile to almost any one’s face than
‘cupcake’. You ask someone to come over to have a cupcake making party, and surely they will show up. Yesterday I thought that I should retest my theory that
Vegan Baking is an amazing cookbook and so Abby decided to partake in my quest and make ‘Vegan Chocolate Creme Cheese Cupcakes’. Again, this book has not let me down and they turned out to be amazing little pieces of happiness.

It was definitely one of those days that one can remember. Meeting new people for lunch at the Shalimar in Broad Ripple. I absolutely love Indian food, but it is always intimidating that I am not sure all of the ingredients in things and so asking what this is and what that is, but learning what Ghee was certainly made me a little sick to my stomach. However, I think I could eat chickpeas all day long and be a happy camper. Afterwards, we went over to the Good Earth, a hippie-esq type grocery store that has been around for about 20+ years. It always makes me want to be a healtheier person, and gets me excited about what magical food or herb will cure what. I am always a sucker for the home remedies.


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